Instant Earn Program

March 2021

This Concreit Instant Earn Program (the “Instant Earn Program”) sets forth the terms and conditions between Concreit Inc. (the “Company”) and the Investor (“you, your, yours, them, their, they ”), in which the bonus reward program described herein as “Instant Earn” will offer rewards.

Instant Earn is a service that offers a reward to all Investors during the time their unsettled funds have yet processed. While an Investor’s investment is processing, which includes when funds transfer from their bank and the investment settlement period, the Investor will be earning a reward as described below.

The bonus reward as of 3/29/2021 will be a fee-waiver credit equivalent to the dividend distribution rate net of fees of the Concreit fund they are investing into at the time the investment is created. If the investment was created before 3/29/2021 then the creation anniversary as it applies to the reward will start then. The reward will accumulate in an investors reward balance and applied to reduce future asset management fees (also referred to AUM fees) charged to their account.

  1. acknowledge that you have read and agree to this Instant Earn Program and all incorporated disclosures, terms, and agreements, and retained copies for your records
  2. acknowledge that the fee credit will only be applied to accounts in good standing and for investments that have been fully accepted into the fund;
  3. acknowledge that you remain subject to all other terms and conditions provided in the Subscription Agreement, Terms of Service, and any other applicable agreement, which are incorporated by reference and constitute part of this Instant Earn Program;
  4. acknowledge that, in the future, you may receive supplemental disclosures, terms, and agreements that pertain to certain account types, features, or services; and
  5. acknowledge that the Company may at any time, amend or terminate this agreement without your consent.

You understand that you have the option to Instant Earn in your Concreit account, provided you meet the necessary requirements and receive the approval of the Company.

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