Earn up to 50x more than your savings account.

Sit back, own buildings, get money.

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How it works

Simply Tap Into Wealth Street

Step 1.
Download and invest money.
Step 2.
We grow your money through an exclusive portfolio of profitable buildings & private loans.
Step 3.
Add money or transfer out at any time.
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Not actual portfolio properties.
Examples of asset types that would be considered.

Why it works

Unprecedented Access

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World-class Investment Team
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Ludicrously Low Minimums
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Flexible Commitment

Grow money like the 1%. The majority of us didn't grow up having enough capital to own & receive cash flow from buildings. Let's level the playing field.

Having a private real estate management team shouldn't only be available to the wealthy.

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Diversified & Secure Portfolio of Private Assets
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Full Transparency
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Groundbreaking Technology

Is it right for you?

Predictable, Flexible, yet Concreit

Control your money like a savings account and earn yields like an investment. The world's first hybrid account that lets you be the bank.

Risk and Return Explanation
Concreit Comparison Table
Investment Advisor - Over $10B Asset Management Experience, Transparent, Our process isn't just making the investment, but managing & analyzing it. Our money is on the line too. On every deal.

Our investment process

Expertly Managed with Precision & Transparency

Making an investment on your behalf is a rigorous process. Our investment advisory committee has been hand-selected from the best in the industry spanning the disciplines of institutional commercial real estate development, property management, fund management, credit & lending.

Simplified Terms

Annual Preferred Return
BONUS Potential
Minimum Investment
Redemptions Transferred Monthly
Dividend Reinvestment
Low Management Fee

Save with confidence & watch your wealth grow!

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