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How it works

Invest smarter, not harder. Duh.


Get updated on your portfolio performance and learn through experienced professionals.


Access your portfolio at any time, use tools and see balance updates to the second.


Set up monthly automatic investments based on your schedule.

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Invest with friends and grow your real estate knowledge together.

Cash me outside

Life got you in a pinch? Unlike other ways of owning & operating real estate, we’re trying to make things a bit more flexible. We’ve created a withdrawal program to make things potentially more liquid for you. You can request and schedule withdrawals.

Own a piece of that action now.

Don’t let minimums hold you back from starting on your money goals. Concreit lets you invest in fractional shares of real estate, which means that you can invest as much or as little as you want, starting at $1.

Summin' it up

Minimum Investment
Withdrawals Transferred Monthly
Dividend Reinvestment
Professionally Managed
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What our customers are saying

“Takes the mystery out of real estate investing -- why work harder when you can have your money work smarter”
Mike P.
Seattle, WA
Advisor & Investor
“...Concreit app allows me to invest like the big guys...with a small time investment of what I can afford.”
Sandy C.
New York, NY
“I love that Concreit let's me track my returns in real-time and see how my dividends are being reinvested. It's exciting to see my money working for me.”
Mike C.
Seattle, WA

Is it right for you?

Keeping it Real (Estate)

Concreit aims to build a diversified portfolio that is less correlated with traditional public fixed income, stocks or bonds through private market commercial real estate. The objective is to pay attractive and consistent cash distrubtions while preserving, protecting & returning your capital contribution.

Our portfolio design focuses on short term real estate lending with a sprinkle of operating & potentially stabilized multi-family assets. We believe this combination will help us manage liquidity and allow us to manage funds and identify opportunities that fit our fund's investment goals.

See Important Disclosures Below

Simplifying Real Estate Investing

Keep a whole investment team in your pocket through our mobile application. Tap into the potential benefits by leveraging a proprietary full-stack real estate technology platform. Gain insights with the experience of our investment advisory committee as you receive investment updates.

Investment Advisor - Over $10B Asset Management Experience, Transparent, Our process isn't just making the investment, but managing & analyzing it. Our money is on the line too. On every deal.

Our Expertise

It’s like, your own crystal ball

...although no one can see the future. Making an investment on your behalf requires a much more rigorous process. Our investment advisory committee has been hand-selected from the real estate industry spanning the disciplines of commercial real estate credit & lending, development, property management and fund management.

Our Process & Team

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